ENERGY STAR Appliances

Rebates are available for the following appliances that meet ENERGY STAR's current standards*.

Air Purifier - Room Air Cleaner
Refrigerator (≥12 ft3) from Most Efficient List $50.00
Clothes Dryer from Most Efficient List
Clothes Washer from Most Efficient List $50.00
Pool Pump (Two Speed)
Pool Pump (Variable Speed)
Heat Pump Water Heater (≤55 gal. & Electric)
Heat Pump Dryer (Electric)
*Please note, ENERGY STAR efficiency standards change over time so older ENERGY STAR certified products may not qualify for the rebate. Check ENERGY STAR's website or call the program hotline at (888) 655-6767 for the most up-to-date information.

Customer Eligibility:
Must be a current residential customer of Ipswich Electric Light Department.

Product Requirements:
Qualified appliances (new appliances that meet current ENERGY STAR standards) must be purchased between 01/01/2019 and 12/31/2019. Appliances listed with "Most Efficient" must be from ENERGY STAR's Most Efficient List. Application must be postmarked by 01/31/2020 if submitting by mail.

Required Documentation:

  • Copy of dated sales receipt showing Manufacturer, Model #, and purchase price.
  • Copy of your recent electric bill.
Why consider ENERGY STAR Appliances?
For the average Massachusetts household, the biggest consumers of energy after space heating are their appliances, electronics, and lighting. Choosing ENERGY STAR certified products to replace your aging household appliances not only reduces your environmental impact, it also saves you money over the life of the product. According to ENERGY STAR's website, households that choose ENERGY STAR products can typically expect to save $595 annually on their energy bills.