Rebates & Incentives

Residential Energy Efficiency - HELPS Program

Every Electric Light Department (ELD) residential customer is eligible for a free home energy audit to help them identify the most cost-effective efficiency upgrades for their home. The ELD also offers 5 different incentive programs to help our customers invest in these upgrades.

Visit our Residential Energy Efficiency page to learn more.

Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency - GO Program

The Electric Light Department (ELD) offers 2 different classes of efficiency programs to provide our commercial and industrial customers with the right mix of technical support and incentives based on their individual needs.
  • Prescriptive programs that provide a fast track for customers with projects that have already been identified.
  • Custom programs that provide technical support for project identification as well as incentives based on the estimated savings.  
Visit our Commercial Energy Efficiency page to learn more.

Solar PV & Electric Vehicle Programs

The Electric Light Department (ELD) has supported both residential and commercial customers wishing to generate their own electricity for over a decade through our Distributed Generation Policy.  Residential customers who install a solar PV system may also be eligible to receive a one-time rebate to help with the up-front cost of installation.

The ELD also supports the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and recognizes the potential of EVs to be a cleaner alternative to conventional automobiles.  We are currently piloting our Scheduled Charging Program through which residential customers may be eligible to receive a free Level 2 charger for their home.

Visit our Distributed Generation & Electric Vehicles page to learn more.