Open Space Program

The Open Space Program is located in the Planning Department office in Town Hall, and is staffed by Hannah Wilbur the Open Space Manager and Beth O'Connor the Open Space Steward.

Program Overview

Residents of Ipswich have long appreciated the beautiful landscapes, natural resources, and opportunities for outdoor recreation in town. Protecting these unique treasures from potential development on critical open space properties has been a priority for residents, and in 1994 the Open Space Committee was established to guide that commitment. Their focus was to develop plans and establish a program to protect open lands for both public enjoyment and important habitat values, which ultimately led to the creation of the Open Space Program. The Open Space Program brochure outlines the history and operation of the program. For additional information about the history of the Program and it's accomplishments to date, read About the Open Space Program.

Take a Virtual Tour of Nichols Field

Are you curious to know what Nichols Field is like? Or have you been there and wonder how others experience it?  Take the next seven minutes to watch the video and "visit" Nichols Field with some Ipswich locals who appreciate it for different reasons. Thanks to the artistic vision and creativity of volunteer Tess O'Connor, the Nichols Field virtual tour video was produced to give viewers a sense of the place, and a bit of understanding about why a few Ipswich locals appreciate it as permanently protected public open space. And during the quiet moments listen to the wind, the water, the birds and the insects, and imagine being there....

  1. Open Seat on Open Space!

    The Open Space Committee is a seven-member committee with a mission to conserve and protect open space properties throughout town. Residents are encourage to volunteer for this valuable opportunity to make a difference in open space in Ipswich. Read on...
  2. Strawberry Hill a Favorite for Breeding American Kestrels

    Strawberry Hill continues to be a favorite breeding spot for American Kestrels on the North Shore. For the seventh consecutive year a breeding pair of Kestrels nested in the box monitored and maintained by volunteer Phil Brown. Read on...
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