Office Supporting the Board of Appeals

Any questions concerning zoning regulations, such as  land use, structure locations and set backs should be directed to the Building Inspector or his Assistant.

Questions regarding procedures to appeal the Building Inspector's decision, procedures for filing a Petition, filing deadlines or status of a decision or to view ZBA files, should be directed to Marie Rodgers, Zoning Administrative Assistant.

The office for the Zoning Board of Appeals is staffed part time by the Administrative Assistant who provides administrative assistance and support to the Board of Appeals. As well as managing and coordinating all aspects of petition-related activities, providing information to the public about the required procedures and assisting applicants with the process of submitting applications to the ZBA.

The ZBA meets once a month and acts on all matters within its jurisdiction as provided under
MGL Chapter 40A, the Ipswich Zoning Protective Zoning Bylaw and MGL Chapter 40B.  The Board considers Special Permit applications for non-conforming uses and structures, deliberates on appeals from decisions of the Building Inspector and acts on all petitions for Variances from the Ipswich Zoning Protective Zoning Bylaw.

The ZBA is a seven member adjudicatory board; five members serve a five-year term; two associates serve one-year terms.  The Select Board is the appointing authority; please complete a Board and Committee Request Form.

For more information about the ZBA, please contact the Administrative Assistant, Marie Rodgers or 978-356-6672.